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    Experience the power of play, and the fun of improvisational comedy in a fun and safe environment with Made Up Theatre’s improv courses.  We offer a complete training program, providing students with a strong foundation in improvisation that promotes creativity and personal growth.  Students also receive FREE ADMISSION to Main Stage Shows and Student Shows at Made Up Theatre.

    Early registration for Levels A through C is a flat $150 rate.
    Late registration for Levels A through C (one week before the first class) is a flat $175 rate.

    Learn your improv A,B,C’s.

    Level A Level B Level C

    House Troupe Speciality Courses

    About Our Classes:

    Who are improv classes for?  Everyone!  Our courses are designed for all levels of experience because we build from the ground up. Below you’ll find the course descriptions and classes we offer. Each class is led by one of the Main Stage Cast members of Made Up Theatre. Classes are offered throughout the year on weekday evenings, as well as weekend mornings, afternoons, and evenings.  New classes are added every 4-8 weeks, so check back often to find a day and time that fits your schedule. You can also sign up for our Monthly Newsletter to be notified about future class schedules.

    The Courses

    Course Description:

    Explore the Elements of Improv in our introductory course. You will learn some of the core fundamentals and principles of improv, focusing on various games and exercises that encourage trust, communication, agreement (“yes and”); active listening, character, status, and making your scene partner look good. 

    7 Week Course

    Tuition: $150 (Until December 31st)
          $175 (Beginning January 1st)

    Starts January 7th 2015

    Day/Time: Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Prerequisite: None

    *Classes meet once a week.

    Course Description:

    Now that you've learned some of the core fundamentals of improv, it's time to explore the methods used to sustain a scene beyond the first few lines. Delve into character and relationship work, "heightening," making bold choices, and using offers to enhance your scene. 

    7 Week Course

    Tuition: $150 (Until November 5th)
          $175 (Beginning November 6th)

    Starts November 10th

    Day/Time: Mondays, from 7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Prerequisite: Level A

    *Classes meet once a week.

    Course Description:

    In this course, you will learn one of the most common and entertaining formats in the improv community, the montage. You will learn how to structure a show, various montage formats, and you’ll also have the opportunity to perform in a show for your family and friends!

    7 Week Course

    Tuition: $150 (Until October 5th)
          $175 (Beginning October 6th)

    Starts October 8th

    Day/Time: Wednesdays, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Prerequisite: Level B

    *Classes meet once a week.


    Improv Forms 

    Course Description:

    Short Form Games Workshop

    Now that you've completed the Made Up Theatre core curriculum, it's time to put those skills to work!  The Improv Forms Class explores a different style every term.  This term will focus on Short Form Games.  You will learn games that are commonly seen on the hit TV show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' and in Made Up Theatre's main stage show, Laugh Track City.  This class will culminate with a show for family and friends on the 8th week.

    8 Week Course

    Tuition: $150 (Until Sept. 1st)
          $175 (Beginning Sept. 2nd)

    Dates: Begins September 7th

    Day/Time: Sundays, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Prerequisite: Level C

    *Classes meet once a week.

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